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Kevin Quarles - Singer/Songwriter, Producer

About Myself:

      Hello, my name is Kevin Quarles (for those of you who are bad at reading big bold English text!) and I believe in pushing music forward and giving people what they deserve, that is: innovative, striking new sounds, with a purpose . The power of what one person can say and do with with the right music at their fingertips is unquestionable. That is why I've given my fingertips all the freedom they need to create, record and perform whatever they want, and record others who feel the same way. I created Orpheus Lullaby Productions, to push my vision forward for a new age in music. The name "Orpheus Lullaby" comes from a story in Greek mythology about a musician who played his lyre and put the Cerberus (three-headed monster dog) to sleep at the gates of Hades to retrieve his dead loved one. With my digital studio as my lyre, and thirteen-years of music knowledge, I intend to put the new monsters plighting todays music industry to sleep, To make a successful career in music, and bring back feeling and life out of the cold grip of a modern musical Hades.

What I've been up to:

     Since leaving a four-year career in America's Navy in May, 2014 I have been building my music studio, playing shows around middle Tennessee, recording new music for a debut album, while pursuing an education in Music Business at Middle Tennessee State University. I will work 80+ hours a week making a living doing what I love, if it avoids forty hours a week hurling myself away from my goals in a corporate deadzone. But if my education lands me in a position in music, in any fashion, I consider that a win. Music wise I have been pushing my thresholds experimenting with digital and acoustic music, learning production techniques, and musical styles that fuse Jazz and Latino with Rock n' Roll. My fans seem to appreciate it, so as long as they keep coming to my shows, I will take everything off the drawing board and blast it through my speakers for them. I've been test driving new techniques in looping and digital music, while playing guitar and percussion simultaneously, and of course belting out my raspy voice until my face is blue. I truly love my new job!


     I have trial-and-errored out of many different bands, in many different styles. Metal, Punk, Country,  Alternative and even Gospel. They are all fine and dandy to listen to, but I've always wanted something more. And in this new age in music I may have finally found that "more" as a solo Artist/Producer. I was born In Dallas, Texas in 1989, the year the Berlin Wall was smashed to bits, and "Tank Man" stood strong against an armored convoy in Tiananmen Square, China, in protest. I find this to be self metaphorical. I then moved around the country for the first few years of my life before landing in my current home state, Tennessee, where I've also bounced around quite a bit. I am no stranger to the cold, dark road and always found solace in my music, teaching myself guitar with a little help from my dear old Dad, Charles "Kideo" Quarles. When I first started, I carried it everywhere with me, whether that was school, Wal-Mart, Drive-Thrus, Drive-ins, and the occasional free show on the "Historic"  Watertown Public Square. After high school I got the feeling that I might want to do something big with my life, so I joined the good ole' military as a Navy SEAL candidate. I faced many obstacles though, as I ended up getting dropped for injury, getting dropped from EOD (Watch "the Hurt Locker) working for the White House Military office, then finally going to Afghanistan in 2012, and realizing what I wanted to do. A diplomat with USAID told me, "seeing you with your guitar in one hand and your rifle in the other is very interesting. But I bet you can do way more for this world with that guitar than you can that rifle." I thought about it for a couple of nights, listening to the sounds of distant explosions of disposing IED's and thought about just how true this statement was. I ended up playing a talent show on Camp Leatherneck, Taking Second Place, and being invited to represent my country at a British International Talent show on Camp Bastion. The Details can be found here:               

After playing many more performances at the church on base, I left the dust of Afghan behind and started pursing my dream. I started hitting the local pawnshops for recording equipment, to make a demo that would get me shows along the Gulf Coast, where I was playing frequently thanks to participating in the Mississippi Songwriters Festival, where I'll be playing again September 2014. I gave up any hope of staying in my current creative deadzone of the military, looking back on my service with pride and leaving behind some of the best friends and people I will ever meet. I enrolled in college and went for two years while serving, knowing exactly what major I was working towards. Now I am looking forward to the future and hitting the road once more with whatever sounds I come up with for whoever wants to listen. And this time, it is under my terms.

The Light at the End:

     By fusing my digital production capabilities with my love for Acoustic and Rock music, I have no doubt that I will get to where I want in this business called music, by educating myself and surrounding myself with A players and building my network along the way. I live to create and inspire people to reach a little further, and I will reach as far as I must to make my living doing just that.

                                                                                                                                            -Kevin Quarles




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